Jeremy Alan Woods
International Entrepreneurship Scholar, Educator, and Business Development Expert
Business Development


Developed a detailed evaluation of the automotive aftersales market in Brazil for the company Marketing Partner (German consulting boutique).

Consumer Products/Retail

Developed over US$ 1 million in project proposals in the North American market for Cipolatti E Cipolatti Locação E Comércio Ltda. (Brazilian Christmas decor company).

Developed various business plan elements for an entry into the North American market by the company Cipolatti E Cipolatti Locação E Comércio Ltda.

Coordinated cross-departmental and cross-organizational analysis of quantitative market data and product development logistics, identifying US$ 20 million in mail order customer groups for the Bertelsmann Book & Music Club.


Oversaw class online global business management simulation participation which resulted in one of class student groups achieving 1st place worldwide in the simulation for students at the University of Cincinnati (tier 1 research university).

Orchestrated class extra credit project with local small business owner resulting in delivery of several thousand dollars worth of labor value for community partner and generation of post-graduation employment offers for students at the University of Cincinnati.


Generated over US$ 100,000 in licensing projects for clients of Avenue 2 Licensing & Consulting (international music licensing and event booking agency).

Managed the first Brazilian concert in nearly a decade of international recording artist SNAP! feat. Turbo B for clients of Avenue 2 Licensing & Consulting.

Managed the ground-breaking international licensing of various Brazilian artists, including samba legend Jamelão, famed singer of Rio de Janeiro's annual carnival parade, for clients of Avenue 2 Licensing & Consulting.

Managed all aspects of business plan development, including market sizing, competitive analysis, product design, workflow & operational controls planning, IT systems & facilities planning, financial & business affairs planning, and investor outreach for Avenue 2 Licensing & Consulting.

Managed team of 4 staff, generating over US$ 6 million in licensing revenue for Sony Music Entertainment (international entertainment conglomerate).

Together with 3 colleagues, developed recommendations for improving by nearly 25% the core profit margin of Runway Post Production (supplier of post-production hardware and software for Hollywood film and TV productions).


Together with the senior managers and managing directors of various practice units, developed $20 million in project proposals for PricewaterhouseCoopers (global management consulting agency).

As a member of a broad-based consulting consortium, conducted client staff interviews and process mapping research on an organizational change project for the Washington DC Control Board (city government of Washington, DC), resulting in a 30% reduction in overhead and the reallocation of several million dollars toward direct community investment for the city’s department of Housing and Community Development.

Information Systems

Managed departmental integration on a large ERP system implementation for the Bertelsmann Book & Music Club, (mail order retail division of the multinational media conglomerate Bertelsmann).

Developed systems implementation requirements and performance measures on a large ERP implementation project for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (US government agency dedicated to delivering health and financial benefits to American military veterans).

Booked US$ 200,000 in revenues and opened US$ 2 million in new customer relationships for Cost Recovery Systems (reseller of accounting hardware and software).


Together with the executive leadership, managed development of workflow procedures, operational controls, database functionality, and web publishing schedules for a team of 8 staff producing multimedia promotional content for (internet music content provider).

Managed team of 4 staff, closing promotional contracts with German independent record labels worth over US$ 1 million in content resale value for

Working together with the VP of New Business Development, developed recommendations for increasing monthly visitors and e-commerce revenues by up to 50% for ARTISTdirect (information site and online store for music fans).


Together with Market Driver principal Eduardo Tarragô, developed roughly US$ 500,000 in project proposals with two new clients in Brazil for development of pharmaceutical products for the company InnoZen Inc. (North American pharmaceutical R&D operation).

Professional Services

Spearheaded the development of an outsourced approach to cold calling, networking, and lead generation and acquired over 30 niche business clients and $30,000 in revenues for Market Driver Consulting (startup lead generation agency).

Generated over $100,000 in gross margin on nearly $250,000 in gross sales for Robert Half Management Resources (multinational professional services firm). Set & conducted over 300 project scoping meetings with key clients. Scoped, sold, and managed a pilot project for a large national logistics company worth over $50,000 in booked revenues and over $1 million in potential add-on work. Pilot project provided a more than 2 to 1 return on investment for the client.

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