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Pushing The Envelope

Who Are We?
Market Driver is an agency dedicated to providing innovative sales prospecting solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses. We are specialists in cold calling & networking --- delivering your positioning statement, gathering information, opening relationships, and setting up introductory conversations and meetings for you with new potential customers.

What Is Our Objective?
Market Driver offers small- and medium-sized businesses an efficient, affordable way to outsource the time consuming and daunting task of prospecting for new customers. Our innovative, hybrid approach to cold calling and networking allows us to invest considerably less time and energy than our clients would otherwise spend to accomplish their prospecting goals working independently.

Traditional approaches to prospecting have focused on each company individually contacting target contacts and generally speaking with these contacts only about the needs and priorities that the individual company’s products & services can address. Market Driver maintains regular phone and email contact with a database of thousands of companies in certain key geographic markets as a networking & sales outreach agency representing a full spectrum of solution providers for these target markets. We get to know a FULL range of these companies’ needs and priorities and refer solution providers to them who can assist them with whatever their needs and priorities are. This positioning allows us to effectively “recycle” target contacts and open relationships with them for multiple clients.

Principals / Industries

Jeremy Woods
Consumer Products/Retail

Eduardo Tarragô
Consumer Products/Retail