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Eduardo Tarragô

Eduardo Tarragô is a marketing professional with over 20 years of experience in the consumer products and pharmaceutical industries. He is a
specialist in marketing planning, project implementation, and product development. Mr. Tarragô has a demonstrable record of revenue generation, product development, and teambuilding for various companies in Latin America and Europe. Mr Tarragô currently works as the president of Parlatorium Marketing & Communications, a key advisor for the PR strategy of a select group of Brasilian companies from a variety of industries.

Professional History
Founder & President Parlatorium Marketing & Communications São Paulo, Brasil (2001-Present)
Sales Director LOPSO Publishing & Advertising São Paulo, Brasil (2001)

Manager, Marketing Planning Searle São Paulo, Brasil (1996-2000)

Product Manager Allergan São Paulo, Brasil (1994-1996)

Product Manager Sankyo Pharma São Paulo, Brasil (1993-1994)
Product Manager Biosintetica São Paulo, Brasil (1993)
Account Manager Communicart São Paulo, Brasil (1992)
Associate Manager R. Cunha São Paulo, Brasil (1989–1991)
Automotive Market Coordinator Castrol São Paulo, Brasil (1988–1989)
Veterinarian & Product Manager Purina São Paulo, Brasil & Lisbon, Portugal (1984–1988)


MBA Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing São Paulo, Brasil (1990)
Bachelor of Science, Veterinary Medicine Universidade de
São Paulo São Paulo, Brasil (1982)

Portuguese, English, & Spanish Fluent

Industry Experience


Designed and implemented workflow & logistics systems, acquired facilities & IT systems, managed accounting, contracts & bureaucratic registrations, and acquired staff for Parlatorium Marketing & Communications, a public relations agency focused on the pharmaceutical industry.

Managed outsourcing of part of the promotion workload of the product portfolio, resulting in a 70% increase in sales within a 12 month period for Searle, the pharmaceutical division of multinational Monsanto.

Reorganized product portfolio and successfully managed staff integration for the merger of Allergan, a multinational pharmaceutical company focused on opthamological products, with another industry player.

Affected strategic redirection and re-training of sales force, allowing recuperation of product line image and significant improvement of margins for Allergan, a multinational pharmaceutical company focused on opthamological products.

Consumer Products
Managed development and marketing of lubricant and transmission fluid products in the agribusiness, automotive dealership, and truck maintenance centers for Castrol, a multinational producer of fluids and lubricants.

Managed the successful launch of the product brand "Pet" in Portugal for Purina, a multinational consumer products company focused on animal products.