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Marketech helps companies leverage technology to achieve effective marketing communication. Through the use of our unique Growth Enhancement Tool (GET) we can GET your company results --- increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts while decreasing your costs and frustration. We would welcome the opportunity to go through a brief assessment with you, look at all levels of your company’s communications, and provide your organization with a full proposal on ways to further your marketing communication efficiency.

Website Design & Redesign

Websites present a critical first image of your business often times to new customers as many people are now shopping online before they are ever coming to a physical location. What does your website say about your business? Is it easy to navigate and use? Is it optimized for Web 2.0 so that you can be sure that there are the right types of interaction tools? Are you using social media to your advantage? These are just a few of the questions that are asked to understand the needs and wants of your business online and it is our sincere hope that we can if needed give you a website or give your existing website a facelift!

Video Production

Our video production team has a passion for all elements of visual storytelling –-- ranging from small budget commercials to corporate videos and sales/marketing presentations. Moving pictures have been our obsession for as long as we have been able to walk, and we will go to the fullest extent in making the highest quality video product in the market. Our creative professionals will guide you through your project step by step, explaining each process as we go. From script to screen, we take pride in each individual project.

Organic Search Marketing

While there are many different types of marketing one of the most successful and most underutilized is organic search marketing. This is a great way to greatly increase the business that is either transacted online or that comes in to your location based upon finding your business online. There are billions of searches done each month on search engines and if your business is not near (or at) the top of the list you are missing out on a lot of very qualified sales leads who are ready and have the intent to buy often times. What business does not want more business? This will allow for reduced sales cycle times, customer retention, and having more qualified leads. What would an increase of even one more customer a day mean to your business?

Email Marketing

Keeping in regular contact with your customer based or organizational contacts is critical and this allows for more outreach and contact to a ready and willing audience. There will never be an e-mail sent that is considered spam. Whether or not the audience reads them is their choice, but they will all have opted in to receive messages from your organization. Keeping this top of mind awareness with your past and present clients will make them more likely to return as well as more likely to refer business. If there is news that occurs regularly in your industry or organization this is a great opportunity to provide clients with a regular newsletter as well.

Customer Feedback & Loyalty

Have you ever looked at your company through the eyes of the customer? Implementing a customer feedback system allows your customers the opportunity to share their buying experiences. When your company and your customers share mutual communication, the result is an environment which is focused on the customer and encourages their loyalty. Let us help you emphasize the local in your local business. Our services include: Customer Feedback Systems, Consulting Services, Loyalty Programs, Marketing and Advertising.

Target Customer Demographic & Geographic Analysis

Would it change your business if you knew who your average customer was demographically and geographically? The answer for most large businesses is yes! They use this information to craft the messages that they are targeting at their customers and potential customers. They also are able to know who better targets for their demographic and geographic profiles are so that their marketing dollars are more effectively used. This will give your business an edge over your competition. We can even add in marketing segmentation data that is based upon your own internal information and not on any other outside factors.

Marketing Consulting

Put all of this as well as several other smaller solutions and tracking mechanisms together and there is an awesome holistic marketing consulting package that is available to any business. This can be as simple as one time appointments simply to review certain aspects of marketing and this can be as extensive as assembling a team to review and assist with ongoing marketing strategies and still will give the same great technological slant and advantages on the ideas. One of the biggest things that we do is work with tracking ROI. Do you know how much business each of your pieces of marketing brought you? Most businesses do not, and without this knowledge how do you decided how to make changes to your marketing strategy moving forward?