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Married 2 Magic

Magic, Mystery, and Love all entwine into a plush velvet rope that pulls you into the world of one married couple that defies explanation. Add one part Dick Van Dyke show, one part David Copperfield, and one part Love Potion No. 9 and you have the intoxicating entertainment cocktail called Married 2 Magic.

Clever, humorous, engaging, and squeaky clean, the Married 2 Magic show is ideal for driving traffic to trade show booths - getting your message out, making your booth stand out from the crowd, and giving your brand and products a unique way to deliver their message in a very "sticky" emotional context which customers are sure to remember.

Contact us today to find out why theaters and corporations all across the country bring back this entertaining couple over and over again!

Client Testimonials

"At our annual client appreciation event, our goal was to strengthen current relationships and provide a fun, relaxing environment to form new business partnerships. This is the first time in 8 years that we had interactive entertainment. What a difference this made! Jack Laurie Commercial Floors is all about creating social interactions as a segway into conducting business. Christian and Katalina were a perfect fit into our corporate culture. Their entertainment was not only mind blowing, but truly assisted our associates by providing a common experience to use to break the ice with potential customers. Their performance allowed discussions with clients weeks later that centered on “how did Christian and Katalina do that?” versus “what are you going to buy from me today?” When all was said and done, our event was a great success and Christian and Katalina were the key reason. They are a great couple whose show is incredible."

Michael Mettert, Jack Laurie Commercial Floors

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to “thank-you” for the wonderful job you did at our dinner reception. We ended up with 60 people attending and of that at least half were Korean and could not understand much English. I must commend both of you on how well you handled the situation. Thank you Katalina for your introduction in Korean. You had their divine attention before the show even started. Christian, thank you for taking the time to learn about our company and what we do. Also for personalizing the entire show by using our helmets in your act and involving the Korean president of the HJC helmet factory. Even after the Koreans returned to the factory we heard from them about how much they enjoyed the evening."

Jill Klasen, Assistant to the President, Castle Sales Company, Inc.

"Christian and Katalina were wonderful. Our Executive VP asked for their contact information for his personal use! Keep in mind that this man is very hard to please, so that is a HUGE compliment. An employee also told me that this was the best event we had in the 19 years she has been with the company. She loved the entertainment!"

Alison McConnell, Baldwin and Lyons, Inc.

"We would like to express our gratitude for a job well done. Your magic is both entertaining and amazing. People are popping into my office left and right to let me know how much fun they had and how great the two of you are. Rest assured that we will be calling on you again."

Tonya Arrasmith, Human Resource Director, Atkins & Pearce, Inc.

"It was most rewarding working with Christian & Katalina. Before the evening ended I was already receiving compliments on my job well done and how “entertaining” they were. My boss’s wife even made mention to me “It will be hard to beat that one next year!” I appreciate their professionalism, tact, creativity, and flexibility in making my job easier while sharing their enjoyment and passion with our employees and spouses."

Cassie Mace, Construction Planning and Management, Inc.

"I just want to thank you again for the wonderful performance you gave. Our retirees and employees thought it was the best event we have ever had. I personally enjoyed working with you both. I was very impressed."

Shay Dworkus, H.R. Specialist, Indiana Lumbermen’s Mutual Insurance Co.