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The Accounting Services Group

We provide complete monthly bookkeeping, accounting and tax services which are specifically designed for small businesses. We prepare monthly financial statements that consist of an income statement, accompanying performance graphs showing the last 24 months of sales activity and the most recent 12 month's profit margins, general ledger, check register and payroll records.

We reconcile our client's business bank accounts, handle all of their monthly and quarterly tax preparation then use that information as the basis for any consultation we have with them during the course of their business year.


Dave Benigni / Action Coach

Dave Benigni is no stranger to success as both a business owner and competitive player in the corporate world. He has started businesses from scratch and he has taken existing businesses and achieved outstanding results. Over the last 20 years, every one of his ventures has set a sales record. But what has inspired him most has been building top performing teams and installing systems so that his businesses could run without him. This provided him with the flexibility to pursue other endeavours when the opportunity arose.

That is why he is not just a business owner today, but a Business Coach. He understands that business owners face the daily challenges of cash flow, time management, and team performance. Over the next three years his goal is to work with 50 Indianapolis business owners and, within three to six months, help them increase their profits by at least 61%, reduce the number of hours they work and, best of all, improve their personal lives.


Dave Poole / Advisa

Advisa began in 1986 as Bob Wilson & Associates Inc. Bob Wilson was a satisfied user of the Predictive Index® as a sales and marketing manager within a manufacturing organization. He decided to act on his desire to be his own boss and bought the exclusive license to market the Predictive Index® in Indiana.
In 1994, Bob added his first employee and bought the license to serve western Michigan. The business has grown consistently since then winning the Indiana Growth 100 designation twice and expanding to all of Michigan and parts of Ohio. In October of 2007, Bob Wilson & Associates determined they had outgrown their name and became Advisa. Today, the team consists of ten Predictive Index® consultants, a Training and Development Specialist, an Office Manager and four Hiring Partners. Advisa is now the largest Predictive Index® licensee in North America, as measured in revenues.


Aflac of Central Indiana

With Aflac Insurance, you can provide your employees the kind of benefits they’d expect from a bigger company, helping your business stand out from the crowd. Thousands of small businesses across the United States already make Aflac available to their employees—at no direct cost to their company.

You can choose from a wide range of insurance policies that can help your employees with health events—from accidents, to intensive care, to life insurance. Your employees enjoy benefits from Aflac, all employee-paid.


Don Albert / Albert & Associates

Don Albert is a 30 year veteran of a variety of manufacturing & distribution industries. He is a proven expert in increasing sales results while managing the growth in costs and complexity which invariably follow sales volume increases in manufacturing- and logistics-driven enterprises. Mr. Albert holds an MBA from the University of Wisconsin Executive MBA Program, an MS in Human Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and a BS in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. He runs a business advisory practice assisting small- and medium-sized companies in the Mid-Atlantic area to maximize product sales potential and streamline operations. Mr. Albert is an Associate of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB).


Brian Manning / Allied Bancard

Allied Bancard provides a variety of financial services for merchants, sales organizations and agents and prides himself on providing personable, responsive support to all his clients. His industry knowledge, partnership strategy and focus on innovative solutions allow him to provide tailored solutions for merchant accounts – such as gift card programs, electronic check processing, ACH programs, credit card processing, ATM placement, and even capital advance and receivables factoring loans.

Providing Products & Services Your Customers Need
Point and Click Processing System Interface
Pricing to Ensure You Compete and Grow Profitably

Jürgen Ringer / Avalon Associates

ürgen Ringer is a veteran of roughly half a century of work in the real estate, construction, and consulting industries. He is one of Texas' leading business advisors of his kind, and has been a key driver in the success of a number of companies - from small startups to 2,000+ employee divisions of major corporations. Mr. Ringer counts among his success stories the successful turnaround of General Portland Cement Company's Trinity Division - creating the cememt from which Dallas Ft. Worth Airport is built - and the founding and stewardship of J. Ringer Custom Homes from a fledgeling startup to a $9 million per year niche developer. He is an Associate of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB).


Avenue 2 Licensing & Consulting

An international music licensing and event booking agency involved in the ground-breaking commercialization of a number of international recording artists, Avenue 2 Licensing & Consulting is an ongoing Market Driver project spearheaded by Market Driver principal Jeremy Woods.


BioPet Ltd.

In 1972, BioPet Ltd. pioneered the production of dry dog and cat food in Israel. Over the years since then, the company has become the country's leading manufacturer of pet food and has gained international recognition for its superior products. Bio-Pet´s petfoods are sold around the world and can be found in Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Uzbekistan, India and more.
Our strategy is to grow our brands by forming international joint ventures with distributors and retailers. We are constantly seeking business partners with whom we can work to expand our international activities. Bio-Pet´s International Marketing team offers our partners excellent service and support. Flexibility is one of our key benefits, enabling us to offer tailor made products and packaging to meet the needs of the local markets in which we operate.


Dr. Laina Molaski / C&S Consulting Services

Dr. Laina Molaski - founder of C&S Consulting Services - is one of Central Indiana's leading human resources experts. She is a specialist in maximizing workforce productivity and morale through policy & procedure documentation. Dr. Molaski has over 15 years of management experience and has managed every aspect of the HR field --- at times supporting as many as 300 employees in areas such as staffing and recruitment, talent management, employee relations, training program design, and compensation structure planning. Dr. Molaski has a Bachelor's in Business Administration from Rochester College, an M.B.A. from Indiana Wesleyan University, and a Ph.D. in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources and Management from Northcentral University. In addition to working in the field, she is an adjunct professor at Indiana Wesleyan University and Capella University in the area of business.


Cipolatti & Cipolatti Locação e Comércio Ltda.

For 25 years now, shopping centers all over Latin America have had an inside connection with Santa Claus - his "South Pole" representatives, the Brazilian company Cipolatti. As the largest and most successful Christmas ornamentation company in Latin America, Cipolatti provides Christmas decoration services to over 100 shopping centers, and over 30 corporate clients, department stores, supermarkets and others, throughout Latin America --- including well over 60% of the major shopping center Christmas decoration projects in the Brazilian market.

And now, for the first time, they're bringing their special brand of holiday magic to North America...


Rob Whitlow / Circle CityGroup Financial

Rob Whitlow of Circle CityGroup Financial runs a charitable giving-focused advisory practice in the Midwest which helps charitable benefactors and alumni donors to make low cost, low hassle contributions to the charities and causes dear to them. He’s particularly focused on working together with Higher Education institutions to increase alumni giving by providing financial instruments and stewardship which facilitate the giving process.


Crystal Rio

For over 20 years now, jewelers and fashion accessories dealers in Brasil and over thirty other countries worldwide have come to rely on the professionalism, affordable prices, and extensive product selection of the Rio de Janeiro-based gem clearinghouse Crystal Rio. With over 90% of Brasil's gem mines as suppliers and strategic import relationships with other international raw material sources, the company is able to offer clients a customized selection of the exact materials which are in demand with various consumer niches the world over, delivered according to the client's specifications as either raw materials or finished goods.


Dorman Benefit Consultants

Dorman Benefit Consultants brings eighteen years of experience in the insurance industry to you, your business, and your employees. We specialize in individual, employer and employee benefits, and we are experts in providing cutting-edge legal liability coverage for both businesses and individuals. We are contracted with all major health insurance carriers and many life companies, we are an official representative of Prepaid Legal's Affirmative Defense Response System, and we offer a wide range of benefit related products in order to serve your needs.

Our mission is to provide superior products with exceptional service to our clients. We do this through our relationship with insurance carriers and regular communication with our clients. Our goal is to have lasting, valued relationships of mutual trust with all the people our business touches.


Dan Lacy / Dynasty Business Building

For the last 20 years, Dan Lacy has advised businesses in manufacturing, wholesale and service industries on growth, profit, cash flow and value improvement strategies. His clients have been the recipients of numerous prestigious awards: Entrepreneur Magazine Business of the Year, SBA Business of the Year, the Impact 100, PACE, the Growth 100 and the INC 500 List of Fastest Growing Companies. He has helped 19 different entrepreneurs to become millionaires.

Dan is a board member with Standard Die Supply in Indianapolis, Crossroads Communications in Terre Haute and sits on the Presidents’ Advisory Board for Rainmakers Marketing Group in Carmel, Indiana --- the fastest growing business to business networking association in the United States.


Fanya Bershatski / ESI Technologies

Fanya Bershatski of ESI Technologies runs a comprehensive healthcare consulting company which provides a lot of different services for medical practices – all centered around maximizing billing and getting the most out of your existing systems and resources. She prides herself on working with a handful of practices and personally overseeing their billing activities – ensuring that no claims are denied and providing extensively documented re-billings of any disputed charges.

Fanya has over 20 years of expirience in health care consulting, and works with all types of health care practices - including general practitioners, family practitioners, internal medicine centers, podiatists, chiropractors, optometrists, dentists, and even medical transportation companies.


Randy Estabrook / Estabrook Associates

Randy Estabrook is a veteran of over 20 years of work in the architecture and construction industries. As the key driver in a number of startup businesses, Mr. Estabrook has garnered an impressive list of awards to his credit from projects for some of the country’s most prestigious manufacturing companies, telecommunications firms, law firms, and contracting firms. He counts among his past clients companies such as America On-Line, APC Sprint, Apple Computer Corporation, the Board of Governors of The Federal Reserve, Chevron, Eastman Kodak Company, MCI, Price Waterhouse, The New York Times, and The Oliver Carr Company.
Mr. Estabrook currently works as the Principal of Estabrook Associates and is an Associate of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB).


File Engine

We're serious about helping small businesses and not-for-profit organizations get the most value from their Information Technology investment. We've been developing and delivering FileEngine solutions since 1999. Technology changes at breakneck speed; why hasn't the way servers are sold and serviced changed in more than two generations? FileEngine changes the Rules!

Everyone understands that Servers without Service are worthless! We've simply created a program that puts the emphasis on what you care about the most: file storage, sharing and protection. Leave all the complexity, maintenance and worry to someone who understands it. Get a service rich solution you can count on!

Genero Capital Partners

Genero Capital Partners LLC, based in Century City, California, is a privately owned investment firm that seeks to fund and acquire controlling stake in companies in the United States.

What primarily differentiates Genero Capital Partners is our energetic team that has extensive experience operating either full companies or divisions of thereof in a variety of industries. Our approach is to retain the relationship with original owners and management through incentives to achieve the maximum growth for the venture.


Milt Woods / GroProfit International

Milton Woods is a professional entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in sales maximization, resource development, and resource acquisition. He is a specialist in project implementation, turnaround/acquisition management, sales management, and product development for automotive, IT, chemical products, and agricultural ventures. Mr. Woods has been a key creative driver in the startup of 5 different enterprises: Applied Technology, The Indiana State University Technology Services Center, Basic Computer Literacy, Cost Recovery Systems, and Speedway Engine Development. He was also a guest lecturer at the University of Notre Dame Executive MBA Program's Entrepreneurship Symposium from 1997-2002. Mr. Woods currently works as the president of GroProfit International, a stategic and operational advisor to a several small- and medium-sized businesses in the US Great Lakes States area. Mr. Woods is an Associate of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB).


Hautacam Consulting

Business is about relationships: You with your employees, your employees with your customers. If an employee is disengaged with his or her job or has an issue with the way your company is run, that dissatisfaction comes through in their relationships with customers. End result: You lose business.

Hautacam Consulting helps fix those relationships. We build civilized organizations that consistently succeed. As a result, our clients are better equipped to:

Take risks that translate into success;
Trust employees to do their jobs; and
Adapt to changing markets and circumstances


InnoZen, Inc.

InnoZen®, Inc. discovers, develops, and markets, or out licenses, innovative over-the-counter (OTC) health products that fulfill unmet consumer need. The company's goal is to develop high-quality OTC products that successfully treat common consumer health problems while minimizing the risk of side effects. InnoZen maintains a drug research and development facility and a manufacturing plant in Woodland Hills, California.
The company is considered by many to be the preeminent formulator and developer of thin film-strips that deliver drug actives and was the first company to deliver a drug active in a thin film-strip when it completed the development of the Chloraseptic® Sore Throat Relief Strips® in June 2003. InnoZen moved forward with its proprietary technology to develop two new thin film-strip products for cough and launched its two new film-strip products under its own Suppress® brand in September 2004.


JL Media Services

At JL Media Services, our mission is to maximize the marketing spend of our clients by leveraging the power of our extensive purchasing network in the world of broadcast advertising. If you are currently advertising on TV or Radio you're probably handling the task in one of two ways. Either you're managing it all yourself or you've contracted with an agency. Both scenarios can be frustrating.

If you're managing it yourself, you've got to ask the questions:
Do I really know what I'm doing?
Am I truly getting the best competitive pricing among different broadcast media platforms?
Wouldn't my time be better spent working on something else in my business?
Do I enjoy fielding sales calls from advertising reps every week?

If you're using a big agency, ask yourself:
Are they as dedicated to the success of my advertising as I am?
How many accounts is my media buyer responsible for? Is it 10? Is it 30?
Could someone take a closer look at my media placement and increase profitability?

We are skilled media agents that take our client's advertising as personally as they do. We serve a small number of dedicated clients to maximize results through greater personal attention.

Johnny Advertising

Johnny Advertising sells and places indoor advertising in more than 200 media markets throughout North America. We are a "media consultant" to ad agencies, media buyers, and regional/national advertisers.


Logic Key

Logic Key is helping more businesses than ever find practical solutions for their technology needs. The world of information technology is ever changing and it is our duty to keep our clients up to date. What's hot, what's not; what's coming and what's going? Most companies have a good idea of what they need today, but what will they need tomorrow?

We offer a variety of different services, including, but not limited to, custom software development, technology consulting, and hardware sales. Through a combination of the correct services, we can put together a plan that will match your company's specific needs.



Marketech helps companies leverage technology to achieve effective marketing communication. Through the use of our unique Growth Enhancement Tool (GET) we can GET your company results --- increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts while decreasing your costs and frustration. We would welcome the opportunity to go through a brief assessment with you, look at all levels of your company’s communications, and provide your organization with a full proposal on ways to further your marketing communication efficiency.


Marketing Partner

Marketing Partner, a German boutique consulting agency, is a key advisor for the strategic planning of international marketing and sales efforts for several well-known European multinationals. Looking to define various key drivers of the future of the global automobile aftersales market, Marketing Partner engaged Market Driver to develop an evaluation of the Brasilian automobile aftersales market.

Married 2 Magic

Magic, Mystery, and Love all entwine into a plush velvet rope that pulls you into the world of one married couple that defies explanation. Add one part Dick Van Dyke show, one part David Copperfield, and one part Love Potion No. 9 and you have the intoxicating entertainment cocktail called Married 2 Magic.

Clever, humorous, engaging, and squeaky clean, the Married 2 Magic show is ideal for driving traffic to trade show booths - getting your message out, making your booth stand out from the crowd, and giving your brand and products a unique way to deliver their message in a very "sticky" emotional context which customers are sure to remember.

Contact us today to find out why theaters and corporations all across the country bring back this entertaining couple over and over again!


Josh Monroe / Mona Vie

MonaVie is a delicious and energizing blend of 19 body-beneficial fruits — including the Brazilian açai berry, one of nature's top superfoods.
Developed with the philosophy Balance-Variety-y-Moderation, this nourishing beverage delivers the essential phytonutrients and antioxidants your body needs to stay healthy.

New Market Group LLC

New Market Group, LLC designs relationship marketing campaigns for clients who need to maintain high quality contact with their current database of customers. Specific referral marketing techniques and campaigns are designed for each individual client that will increase the number of referrals they are getting from their current clients.

Are you a business professional who is struggling to generate more referrals? Do you offer great products and services to your clients and customers, but they just don't seem to refer you to their friends and associates? If the answer is, "Yes!" then we can help you to put together a tailored campaign to significantly increase your revenues.


Warren Williams / The Nelson Group

Whether you are an entrepreneur with the next great idea, a family-run business, or someone who just wanted to step out on your own, the challenge of running your own business can be a very rewarding one. Along the way to success, however, we all face our share of mountains to climb and opportunities to conquer, and that is where we learn that we can't do it all on our own.

Research shows that most owners/managers of small to medium sized businesses are concerned that they lack the skills, experience and time to be effective in various key aspects of management, as well as the contacts and resources required to maintain and grow their businesses.

As trusted business advisors, The Nelson Group provides mentoring and coaching to assist our clients across a wide range of business issues, helping them achieve their goals.


New Vision Information Systems

New Vision Information Systems (NVI), a software development firm from Curitiba, Brasil, has spent the better part of the last decade developing a core base of clients in Brasil for its' Operations Management System (SGO) --- an integrated software package for asset and service order management. When the company decided late last year that it was time to launch a USA version of their operations management software, NVI contracted Market Driver to contact companies in the Midwest in certain key industry segments to get input on the software in advance of the launch of the USA version later this year.

Noblesville 5 Star

Noblesville 5 Star is new a company dedicated to improving the marketing and advertising of local businesses. We provide a comprehensive customer acquisition program that incorporates a variety of proven, successful strategies.

Specifically, we create and distribute The Noblesville Five Star Businesses New Mover Resource, which is designed for people who are new to the area to get immediate information about the best businesses in Noblesville.


Charlie O'Cain / O'Cain Management Services

Charlie O'Cain is a veteran of nearly 4 decades of work in military and civilian procurement and supply chain management. He is an expert in the introduction of products and services into multinational procurement channels --- a difficult and often labyrinthine market for new entrants which, if successfully navigated, is worth hundreds of billions of dollars annually. Mr. O'Cain holds an MBA from the University of North Dakota and a BSBA from The Citadel and is a retired Colonel of the US Air Force and Air Force Reserves. He runs a business advisory practice assisting small- and medium-sized companies in the Mid-Atlantic area to maximize product sales potential and improve operations. Mr. O'Cain is an Associate of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB).


Mike Tollar / Prepaid Legal

Mike Tollar is a seasoned insurance industry professional and a leading Midwest representative for Prepaid Legal. Prepaid Legal is a well-established, NYSE-listed company which counts among its advisory board members several former States’ Attorney General and other highly respected members of the business and legal communities. The company offers affordable legal counsel to both consumers and small businesses for many normal life and business issues such as: will preparation, letter and document preparation and review, contract review, identity theft protection and support, and in-court and out-of-court legal representation for issues ranging from minor traffic violations to major lawsuits – including IMMEDIATE access to counsel via phone if a client is arrested, served with a warrant, or faced with other legal events. And best of all --- Prepaid Legal offers wide-ranging access to phone consultation with competent, respected provider law firms and consulting firms on virtually any legal or business management topic of interest to the policyholder.


ProStar Consulting

Accounting in business is more than just writing checks and balancing the checkbook. It is an intricate tool and vital component to create a more synergetic entity. Increased profitability, decreased expenses, and improved efficiencies are all aspects that businesses like yours strive to achieve. With proper accounting and financial guidance in place, the survival and success of your business is noticeably enhanced.

ProStar Consulting, Inc. offers all of the services that you would expect from a Controller/CFO of an organization. We provide cost-effective, outsourced accounting and financial consulting services that profitably satisfy your daily accounting demands while aligning with the specific goals and missions of your business.

Our passion is accounting. Our services are your financial gain. Let’s get started ensuring your future success.


CJ McClanahan / ReachMore Strategies

CJ McClanahan is a former member of the Indianapolis Business Journal’s “40 under 40” list and is one of the leading business coaches of his kind in the USA. He is the owner of ReachMore Strategies, a business leadership consulting practice, and is host of Indianapolis' premiere talk show for Entrepreneurs, Let's Talk Business, which airs every Sunday at noon on 1430 WXNT Indianapolis.
After beginning his career with Arthur Andersen where he helped organizations utilize technology to improve their business processes, CJ shifted his focus toward the small business. He served as the Director of Finance and Operations for a medium sized ($12 million annual revenue) manufacturing organization and as a Director of Sales and Business Development for a global software company ($20 million in annual revenue). Thereafter, he became a local franchisee of the business coaching organization Action International, earning “Rookie of the Year” and “Coach of the Year” in his territory and being recognized nationally with the organization's “Action Man of the Year” award.


Jake Doll / Sandol & Associates

Jake Doll is a creative and resourceful executive who is skilled in operations management, global marketing & purchasing, and product engineering, and he has a manufacturing background that includes machining, metals, plastics and wood processes. He is accomplished at developing flexible organizations for today’s changing economic climates, creating production efficiencies via continuous improvement techniques, and he specializes in functioning as a turnaround executive.
Mr. Doll currently works as the Principal of Sandol & Associates and is an Associate of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB).


Jim Cherco / Semler Financial

The mission of the Semler Financial Group is to assist you in planning effectively and creatively to attain your financial goals and provide for the security of your family and business. Our team of highly professional associates and OneAmerica Financial Group's® products and services backed by 100+ years of financial stability are here to help. SFG was formed from The AUL Tower Agency which began with the joining of two well-established local AUL agencies in 1953. Our professional associates, staff and representatives have, collectively, 200+ years of experience in the insurance industry.
Our agency has over one-half billion dollars of life insurance in force, and our clients have entrusted us with over $100,000,000 in annuity investments. We specialize in helping you define your financial goals and assisting you with the development of a plan to ensure their achievement. Like other professionals, our associates draw from each other's expertise to provide you with the best possible advice as you plan.


Supra Glaze Maintenance Systems

At Supra Glaze, our mission is to usher in a new generation of eco-friendly floor care products to the market. We bring you a range of products that not only improve the appearance of your floors, but also reduce maintenance costs and establish unbeatable levels of safety. Our products will not only bring you a great long-lasting shine, but also a waterproof and chemical resistant surface.

Our Freedom Care System (FCS) is designed to give property managers freedom from floor maintenance issues. FCS reduces regular refinishing and stripping, improves the everyday look of floors, and makes floors waterproof and non-slippery even when wet. Slips and falls can be reduced by up to 90%, and labor costs for regular floor maintenance can be reduced by up to 40%.


Townsend Research Laboratories

Townsend Research Laboratories, Inc. was founded in Indianapolis, IN in 1986. The company offers a wide range of bacteriological testing with special expertise in the areas of food, water and bioremediation.
With decades of experience, our scientists are able to accurately analyze samples, evaluate the results and offer consultation in a wide variety of applications. And since we are mid-sized, privately owned and operated business, we have the ability to respond to our clients in a more personal manner. We can often tailor-make a microbiological test program to meet the customer's specific needs. Because of our size, structure and ability to give our clients individual attention, we are in a unique position. Big enough and experienced enough to offer reliable results, yet genuine enough to offer a more sincere approach to microbiological testing.


Tumi Music Latin Licensing

One of the world’s leading resources for licensing music from Latin America for use in films, television programs, advertisements, compilations, and corporate marketing projects, Tumi Music has engaged Market Driver on multiple occasions over the last several years to manage a number of exploitation projects in Brasil and around the world.


Renewal is more than just an idea. It’s a powerful force that can change your life. Renewal means being in the best of health to pursue your dreams. Univera provides a new model for total body health. The foundation of cell renewal for the 750 trillion cells in your body is the platform on which you build true health. Univera’s four quadrants of renewal deliver products that support the wide range of elements your body needs to do the miraculous work of regeneration

Voda LLC

A liquid must conform to the
shape of its container. The rule has no exceptions. At Voda, we make water take the form of elegance. We make it take the form of sophistication. And we make it take the form of innovation. Our water features are designed by artists and built by craftsmen. They are of both the highest quality and the highest style. They enhance any setting, and they leave a lasting impression

Pleas contact our representative, Market Driver Consulting, to speak with us about our full selection of available designs, pricing, and installation schedules!