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The Accounting Services Group

We provide complete monthly bookkeeping, accounting and tax services which are specifically designed for small businesses. We prepare monthly financial statements that consist of an income statement, accompanying performance graphs showing the last 24 months of sales activity and the most recent 12 month's profit margins, general ledger, check register and payroll records.

We reconcile our client's business bank accounts, handle all of their monthly and quarterly tax preparation then use that information as the basis for any consultation we have with them during the course of their business year.


Aflac of Central Indiana

With Aflac Insurance, you can provide your employees the kind of benefits they’d expect from a bigger company, helping your business stand out from the crowd. Thousands of small businesses across the United States already make Aflac available to their employees—at no direct cost to their company.

You can choose from a wide range of insurance policies that can help your employees with health events—from accidents, to intensive care, to life insurance. Your employees enjoy benefits from Aflac, all employee-paid.


Brian Manning / Allied Bancard

Allied Bancard provides a variety of financial services for merchants, sales organizations and agents and prides himself on providing personable, responsive support to all his clients. His industry knowledge, partnership strategy and focus on innovative solutions allow him to provide tailored solutions for merchant accounts – such as gift card programs, electronic check processing, ACH programs, credit card processing, ATM placement, and even capital advance and receivables factoring loans.

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Rob Whitlow / Circle CityGroup Financial

Rob Whitlow of Circle CityGroup Financial runs a charitable giving-focused advisory practice in the Midwest which helps charitable benefactors and alumni donors to make low cost, low hassle contributions to the charities and causes dear to them. He’s particularly focused on working together with Higher Education institutions to increase alumni giving by providing financial instruments and stewardship which facilitate the giving process.


Dorman Benefit Consultants

Dorman Benefit Consultants brings eighteen years of experience in the insurance industry to you, your business, and your employees. We specialize in individual, employer and employee benefits, and we are experts in providing cutting-edge legal liability coverage for both businesses and individuals. We are contracted with all major health insurance carriers and many life companies, we are an official representative of Prepaid Legal's Affirmative Defense Response System, and we offer a wide range of benefit related products in order to serve your needs.

Our mission is to provide superior products with exceptional service to our clients. We do this through our relationship with insurance carriers and regular communication with our clients. Our goal is to have lasting, valued relationships of mutual trust with all the people our business touches.

Genero Capital Partners

Genero Capital Partners LLC, based in Century City, California, is a privately owned investment firm that seeks to fund and acquire controlling stake in companies in the United States.

What primarily differentiates Genero Capital Partners is our energetic team that has extensive experience operating either full companies or divisions of thereof in a variety of industries. Our approach is to retain the relationship with original owners and management through incentives to achieve the maximum growth for the venture.


Mike Tollar / Prepaid Legal

Mike Tollar is a seasoned insurance industry professional and a leading Midwest representative for Prepaid Legal. Prepaid Legal is a well-established, NYSE-listed company which counts among its advisory board members several former States’ Attorney General and other highly respected members of the business and legal communities. The company offers affordable legal counsel to both consumers and small businesses for many normal life and business issues such as: will preparation, letter and document preparation and review, contract review, identity theft protection and support, and in-court and out-of-court legal representation for issues ranging from minor traffic violations to major lawsuits – including IMMEDIATE access to counsel via phone if a client is arrested, served with a warrant, or faced with other legal events. And best of all --- Prepaid Legal offers wide-ranging access to phone consultation with competent, respected provider law firms and consulting firms on virtually any legal or business management topic of interest to the policyholder.


ProStar Consulting

Accounting in business is more than just writing checks and balancing the checkbook. It is an intricate tool and vital component to create a more synergetic entity. Increased profitability, decreased expenses, and improved efficiencies are all aspects that businesses like yours strive to achieve. With proper accounting and financial guidance in place, the survival and success of your business is noticeably enhanced.

ProStar Consulting, Inc. offers all of the services that you would expect from a Controller/CFO of an organization. We provide cost-effective, outsourced accounting and financial consulting services that profitably satisfy your daily accounting demands while aligning with the specific goals and missions of your business.

Our passion is accounting. Our services are your financial gain. Let’s get started ensuring your future success.


Jim Cherco / Semler Financial

The mission of the Semler Financial Group is to assist you in planning effectively and creatively to attain your financial goals and provide for the security of your family and business. Our team of highly professional associates and OneAmerica Financial Group's® products and services backed by 100+ years of financial stability are here to help. SFG was formed from The AUL Tower Agency which began with the joining of two well-established local AUL agencies in 1953. Our professional associates, staff and representatives have, collectively, 200+ years of experience in the insurance industry.
Our agency has over one-half billion dollars of life insurance in force, and our clients have entrusted us with over $100,000,000 in annuity investments. We specialize in helping you define your financial goals and assisting you with the development of a plan to ensure their achievement. Like other professionals, our associates draw from each other's expertise to provide you with the best possible advice as you plan.


Michael J. Woods CLU ChFC

Michael J. Woods entered the financial services business in 1988 when he joined Metropolitan Life as an account representative. In 1990 he began specialized training with MetLife Resources and was appointed as the Financial Services Associate at Saline Community Hospital. Always in search of an answer to his clients' questions, Michael was almost constantly studying, and in short order obtained his series 6, 63, 65, 7, and 24 securities licenses. He was also awarded the CLU (Career Life Underwriter) and ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant) professional designations from the American College of Bryn Mawr, PA. Mr. Woods has been a fee based financial planner since 1993.