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File Engine

We're serious about helping small businesses and not-for-profit organizations get the most value from their Information Technology investment. We've been developing and delivering FileEngine solutions since 1999. Technology changes at breakneck speed; why hasn't the way servers are sold and serviced changed in more than two generations? FileEngine changes the Rules!

Everyone understands that Servers without Service are worthless! We've simply created a program that puts the emphasis on what you care about the most: file storage, sharing and protection. Leave all the complexity, maintenance and worry to someone who understands it. Get a service rich solution you can count on!


Logic Key

Logic Key is helping more businesses than ever find practical solutions for their technology needs. The world of information technology is ever changing and it is our duty to keep our clients up to date. What's hot, what's not; what's coming and what's going? Most companies have a good idea of what they need today, but what will they need tomorrow?

We offer a variety of different services, including, but not limited to, custom software development, technology consulting, and hardware sales. Through a combination of the correct services, we can put together a plan that will match your company's specific needs.



Marketech helps companies leverage technology to achieve effective marketing communication. Through the use of our unique Growth Enhancement Tool (GET) we can GET your company results --- increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts while decreasing your costs and frustration. We would welcome the opportunity to go through a brief assessment with you, look at all levels of your company’s communications, and provide your organization with a full proposal on ways to further your marketing communication efficiency.


New Vision Information Systems

New Vision Information Systems (NVI), a software development firm from Curitiba, Brasil, has spent the better part of the last decade developing a core base of clients in Brasil for its' Operations Management System (SGO) --- an integrated software package for asset and service order management. When the company decided late last year that it was time to launch a USA version of their operations management software, NVI contracted Market Driver to contact companies in the Midwest in certain key industry segments to get input on the software in advance of the launch of the USA version later this year.