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Life Sciences/Health Care


BioPet Ltd.

In 1972, BioPet Ltd. pioneered the production of dry dog and cat food in Israel. Over the years since then, the company has become the country's leading manufacturer of pet food and has gained international recognition for its superior products. Bio-Pet´s petfoods are sold around the world and can be found in Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Uzbekistan, India and more.
Our strategy is to grow our brands by forming international joint ventures with distributors and retailers. We are constantly seeking business partners with whom we can work to expand our international activities. Bio-Pet´s International Marketing team offers our partners excellent service and support. Flexibility is one of our key benefits, enabling us to offer tailor made products and packaging to meet the needs of the local markets in which we operate.


Fanya Bershatski / ESI Technologies

Fanya Bershatski of ESI Technologies runs a comprehensive healthcare consulting company which provides a lot of different services for medical practices – all centered around maximizing billing and getting the most out of your existing systems and resources. She prides herself on working with a handful of practices and personally overseeing their billing activities – ensuring that no claims are denied and providing extensively documented re-billings of any disputed charges.

Fanya has over 20 years of expirience in health care consulting, and works with all types of health care practices - including general practitioners, family practitioners, internal medicine centers, podiatists, chiropractors, optometrists, dentists, and even medical transportation companies.


InnoZen, Inc.

InnoZen®, Inc. discovers, develops, and markets, or out licenses, innovative over-the-counter (OTC) health products that fulfill unmet consumer need. The company's goal is to develop high-quality OTC products that successfully treat common consumer health problems while minimizing the risk of side effects. InnoZen maintains a drug research and development facility and a manufacturing plant in Woodland Hills, California.
The company is considered by many to be the preeminent formulator and developer of thin film-strips that deliver drug actives and was the first company to deliver a drug active in a thin film-strip when it completed the development of the Chloraseptic® Sore Throat Relief Strips® in June 2003. InnoZen moved forward with its proprietary technology to develop two new thin film-strip products for cough and launched its two new film-strip products under its own Suppress® brand in September 2004.


Josh Monroe / Mona Vie

MonaVie is a delicious and energizing blend of 19 body-beneficial fruits — including the Brazilian açai berry, one of nature's top superfoods.
Developed with the philosophy Balance-Variety-y-Moderation, this nourishing beverage delivers the essential phytonutrients and antioxidants your body needs to stay healthy.


Townsend Research Laboratories

Townsend Research Laboratories, Inc. was founded in Indianapolis, IN in 1986. The company offers a wide range of bacteriological testing with special expertise in the areas of food, water and bioremediation.
With decades of experience, our scientists are able to accurately analyze samples, evaluate the results and offer consultation in a wide variety of applications. And since we are mid-sized, privately owned and operated business, we have the ability to respond to our clients in a more personal manner. We can often tailor-make a microbiological test program to meet the customer's specific needs. Because of our size, structure and ability to give our clients individual attention, we are in a unique position. Big enough and experienced enough to offer reliable results, yet genuine enough to offer a more sincere approach to microbiological testing.


Renewal is more than just an idea. It’s a powerful force that can change your life. Renewal means being in the best of health to pursue your dreams. Univera provides a new model for total body health. The foundation of cell renewal for the 750 trillion cells in your body is the platform on which you build true health. Univera’s four quadrants of renewal deliver products that support the wide range of elements your body needs to do the miraculous work of regeneration