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Avenue 2 Licensing & Consulting

An international music licensing and event booking agency involved in the ground-breaking commercialization of a number of international recording artists, Avenue 2 Licensing & Consulting is an ongoing Market Driver project spearheaded by Market Driver principal Jeremy Woods.


JL Media Services

At JL Media Services, our mission is to maximize the marketing spend of our clients by leveraging the power of our extensive purchasing network in the world of broadcast advertising. If you are currently advertising on TV or Radio you're probably handling the task in one of two ways. Either you're managing it all yourself or you've contracted with an agency. Both scenarios can be frustrating.

If you're managing it yourself, you've got to ask the questions:
Do I really know what I'm doing?
Am I truly getting the best competitive pricing among different broadcast media platforms?
Wouldn't my time be better spent working on something else in my business?
Do I enjoy fielding sales calls from advertising reps every week?

If you're using a big agency, ask yourself:
Are they as dedicated to the success of my advertising as I am?
How many accounts is my media buyer responsible for? Is it 10? Is it 30?
Could someone take a closer look at my media placement and increase profitability?

We are skilled media agents that take our client's advertising as personally as they do. We serve a small number of dedicated clients to maximize results through greater personal attention.

Johnny Advertising

Johnny Advertising sells and places indoor advertising in more than 200 media markets throughout North America. We are a "media consultant" to ad agencies, media buyers, and regional/national advertisers.



Marketech helps companies leverage technology to achieve effective marketing communication. Through the use of our unique Growth Enhancement Tool (GET) we can GET your company results --- increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts while decreasing your costs and frustration. We would welcome the opportunity to go through a brief assessment with you, look at all levels of your company’s communications, and provide your organization with a full proposal on ways to further your marketing communication efficiency.


Marketing Partner

Marketing Partner, a German boutique consulting agency, is a key advisor for the strategic planning of international marketing and sales efforts for several well-known European multinationals. Looking to define various key drivers of the future of the global automobile aftersales market, Marketing Partner engaged Market Driver to develop an evaluation of the Brasilian automobile aftersales market.

Married 2 Magic

Magic, Mystery, and Love all entwine into a plush velvet rope that pulls you into the world of one married couple that defies explanation. Add one part Dick Van Dyke show, one part David Copperfield, and one part Love Potion No. 9 and you have the intoxicating entertainment cocktail called Married 2 Magic.

Clever, humorous, engaging, and squeaky clean, the Married 2 Magic show is ideal for driving traffic to trade show booths - getting your message out, making your booth stand out from the crowd, and giving your brand and products a unique way to deliver their message in a very "sticky" emotional context which customers are sure to remember.

Contact us today to find out why theaters and corporations all across the country bring back this entertaining couple over and over again!

New Market Group LLC

New Market Group, LLC designs relationship marketing campaigns for clients who need to maintain high quality contact with their current database of customers. Specific referral marketing techniques and campaigns are designed for each individual client that will increase the number of referrals they are getting from their current clients.

Are you a business professional who is struggling to generate more referrals? Do you offer great products and services to your clients and customers, but they just don't seem to refer you to their friends and associates? If the answer is, "Yes!" then we can help you to put together a tailored campaign to significantly increase your revenues.

Noblesville 5 Star

Noblesville 5 Star is new a company dedicated to improving the marketing and advertising of local businesses. We provide a comprehensive customer acquisition program that incorporates a variety of proven, successful strategies.

Specifically, we create and distribute The Noblesville Five Star Businesses New Mover Resource, which is designed for people who are new to the area to get immediate information about the best businesses in Noblesville.


Tumi Music Latin Licensing

One of the world’s leading resources for licensing music from Latin America for use in films, television programs, advertisements, compilations, and corporate marketing projects, Tumi Music has engaged Market Driver on multiple occasions over the last several years to manage a number of exploitation projects in Brasil and around the world.