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Brian Manning / Allied Bancard

Allied Bancard provides a variety of financial services for merchants, sales organizations and agents and prides himself on providing personable, responsive support to all his clients. His industry knowledge, partnership strategy and focus on innovative solutions allow him to provide tailored solutions for merchant accounts – such as gift card programs, electronic check processing, ACH programs, credit card processing, ATM placement, and even capital advance and receivables factoring loans.

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BioPet Ltd.

In 1972, BioPet Ltd. pioneered the production of dry dog and cat food in Israel. Over the years since then, the company has become the country's leading manufacturer of pet food and has gained international recognition for its superior products. Bio-Pet´s petfoods are sold around the world and can be found in Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Uzbekistan, India and more.
Our strategy is to grow our brands by forming international joint ventures with distributors and retailers. We are constantly seeking business partners with whom we can work to expand our international activities. Bio-Pet´s International Marketing team offers our partners excellent service and support. Flexibility is one of our key benefits, enabling us to offer tailor made products and packaging to meet the needs of the local markets in which we operate.


Cipolatti & Cipolatti Locação e Comércio Ltda.

For 25 years now, shopping centers all over Latin America have had an inside connection with Santa Claus - his "South Pole" representatives, the Brazilian company Cipolatti. As the largest and most successful Christmas ornamentation company in Latin America, Cipolatti provides Christmas decoration services to over 100 shopping centers, and over 30 corporate clients, department stores, supermarkets and others, throughout Latin America --- including well over 60% of the major shopping center Christmas decoration projects in the Brazilian market.

And now, for the first time, they're bringing their special brand of holiday magic to North America...


Crystal Rio

For over 20 years now, jewelers and fashion accessories dealers in Brasil and over thirty other countries worldwide have come to rely on the professionalism, affordable prices, and extensive product selection of the Rio de Janeiro-based gem clearinghouse Crystal Rio. With over 90% of Brasil's gem mines as suppliers and strategic import relationships with other international raw material sources, the company is able to offer clients a customized selection of the exact materials which are in demand with various consumer niches the world over, delivered according to the client's specifications as either raw materials or finished goods.